5 top tips for finding the perfect pet-friendly home

1. Start Planning Early-Expanding your search area or the type of property you want to live in should increase your chances of finding a new place for you and your pet to call home.

2. Make a good case for your pet -If you’ve found a landlord that is open to pets but needs a bit of persuading, there are things you can do to put them at ease by ask your former landlord for a reference to prove that your pet has been well behaved and caused no issues at the property. This will reassure prospective landlords that you are a responsible owner.

3. How to ask your landlord if you can have a pet – You must seek the written consent of your landlord if you wish to keep pets at the property. Such requests should be accepted in suitable properties where they are satisfied you are a responsible pet owner. As a pet owner, you will be expected to make sure your pet does not become a nuisance to neighbours, and will also be legally responsible for repairing any undue damage caused to the property by your pet. Legally, your landlord’s consent is deemed to have been granted unless the written request is turned down by the landlord with good reason in writing within 28 days of receiving the written request from you.

4.Introduce your pet to your landlord – Another way to put your potential landlord’s mind at ease is to have them meet your pet in advance, although this is usually only relevant with dogs. Once the landlord has met your dog they can see how your animal interacts with strangers and how well behaved they are.

5.Don’t keep a pet without consent – Always be upfront with your landlord about keeping pets in a property. If they discover, through property inspections or, worse, through complaints from neighbours, that you are keeping a pet without consent, you could find yourself in trouble. This is a breach of contract which is grounds to start an eviction process.

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